We are an organization designed to aid others in creating a sound view of reality while encouraging personal growth and development.

We are committed to helping clients achieve and maintain a higher level of consciousness.  Our participants are aided in identifying the amount of time and energy exhausted while connecting with unprovoked, unsolicited thoughts and their emotional attachments.  We have composed a series of lectures, training seminars, literature and stories.  Common areas of interest include but are not limited to counseling addictions, thought processing, calming the mind, inner peace, spirituality, emotional energy and love of self.

Our objectives:

  1. Encourage self – awareness.
  2. Recognize that perverse thinking comes in infinite forms.
  3. Acknowledge that personal attacks on self and others can be traced to aggressive and hostile thought patterns.
  4. Promote pure thought.
  5. Produce animation of the soul, “spirit “.
  6. Exfoliate the mind from unnecessary activity.
  7. Re-present maladjusted and disillusioned thinking as pure and healthy thoughts.
  8. Accept inner conflict as a natural consequence of the human condition, minimizing its potential to do harm.
  9. Advance listening skills.
  10. Help to define core beliefs, their origin and impact on our lives.
  11. Discover an ability to be kind, gentle and generous in our thoughts.
  12. Eliminate pain and suffering brought on by resentments, jealousy, pity, and fear.
  13. Learn to identify victimization roll playing.
  14. Guidance in distinguishing and prioritizing wants needs and desires.
  15. Achieve and maintain peace.

Recognize the power of forgiveness as medication for the soul, a gift of many returns.

We have dedicated our research to the betterment of mankind and continue to establish modalities that perform beyond the confines of contemporary doctrines.  We begin by inviting our participants to identify the works of the mind as an independent function of the brain.  Secondly, through discrete tasks we begin to establish a procedure, which recognizes and places an emotional value on thought content.  Those who have become competent in these procedures seem to be more resolved and purpose driven.  Our plan of action is to reveal misrepresented influences in our thought processing.  Those who were once bound by the seduction of nonsensical thought and the allure of emotional victimization, over valued ideas, guarded by fears and insecurities have now become confident and enjoy a productive life.  As antagonistic thoughts are put to rest, one becomes at ease with themselves; life has new purpose, energy is abundant, pure thought governs the psyche.  “It is not in struggling that process proceeds but in surrendering that victory is won.”  (Neale Donald Walsch.)  Sometimes in our search to discover we realize fantasies of our mind have been nothing more than interference,- ways of staying occupied.  Those who are accustomed to being inundated with fears and insecurities will deem it (SILENCE) unattainable, in order to avoid its truth – raw unadulterated self.  We invite you to learn more about yourself.

“Ceremony” is perhaps one of the most ambiguous words in our language, its meaning extending beyond tradition.  It is not intended that events of special significance be esoteric or analogous.  What is implied is that a choice exists in how we approach our thinking, whether it be critical or humorous, the technique should be deliberate.  Here you are invited to embark on ceremonial thought processing.

We do not profess to be a master of ceremonies, although it is our contention that mastery is within our capabilities.  What I have attained through this process is a greater understanding of others and myself, which has led to the elimination of much judgment and suffering.  The time and energy once arrested by ill thoughts has become transparent, allowing an increase in productivity and an opportunity to experience a more meaningful life with distinctive purposes.  We welcome you to join us,Turning Point Alternative Living Solutions, affectionately recognized as “T-Pals”.

Initiating ceremonial thought processing – begin by observing the thought  – placing a significance to it  – identifying precipitators – the cause and effects of the thought  –  what, if any, are the emotional attachments concerning the thought and how much value is placed on those emotions.  The entire procedure will take only a few minutes, if you don’t get hung up.  In time you’ll become familiar with the exercise and it will take on a natural form seemly effortless.  Most participants are amazed by the dividends received by such a simple task; others seem to be amused by the direction their thoughts had taken, prior to being monitored.

Long before an addicted person became consumed with obsessive, compulsive impulses, did their unconscious thinking or ill thought derail them.  Likewise  for many long into their recovery?  Habitually entertaining ill thought intensifies anticipatory anxiety, it is the equivalent of provoking obsessive compulsive phobias.  Preexisting antagonistic traits reinforce neurosis, while extending an invitation to psychosis.  The irony lies in the simplicity of the solution to surrender to its cunning by accepting the struggle as a temporary condition, hence putting out the fire.  The addict by no means has exclusive rights to unconscious thought, it is estimated that a majority of the world’s population spends a significant amount of time entertaining unsolicited thoughts.

Never the less, for the sake of recovery, it is imperative to pay close attention to what is being entertained by the mind.  This person must recognize triggers at the onset, to illuminate their risk of relapse.  We would do an injustice to suggest that no one more than the addict would benefit from this exercise, but that is not the case.  Some report that where maladaptive scripts were once followed, by practicing the exercise of ceremonial thought processing, new meanings have replaced the old scripts.  Others state a feeling of inner peace, a calming of the mind, which in turn has created a porthole for spirituality to enter.

It is simple to see that the solutions to the addict’s struggles are helpful to many.  Mastery of this ceremonial thought process exercise is intended to strengthen the brain while simultaneously calming the mind.  When the mind is at peace the body relaxes, the spirit feels comforted.  Those who have become familiar with these practices report comprehensive peace, joy, love; pure thought governs the psyche and one has begun to feel spiritually connected.  You are encouraged to continue investigating alternative living solutions by engaging in ceremonial thought processing.

Administrative Team

Executive Director – Gabriel Gilgallon
Facility Director – Kaitlyn Janesko
Program Coordinator – Roy Gilgallon

Annual Report

A copy of Turning Point Alternative Living Solution’s Annual Report is available for review by the Public at the Agency’s office, 431 Rear Wyoming Ave. Scranton, PA. 18503. A copy can also be obtained by contacting Kaitlyn Janesko, Facility Director at munleyk@outlook.com.